The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930)

Director : Rowland V. Lee
Release Date : 1929
Genre : Mystery, Romance
Cast : Warner Oland as Dr. Fu Manchu, O.P. Heggie as Inspector Nayland Smith, Jean Arthur as Lia Eltham, Neil Hamilton as Dr. Jack Petrie, Evelyn Hall as Lady Agatha Bartley, William Austin as Sylvester Wadsworth, Margaret Fealy as Lady Helen Bartley, Shayle Gardner as Detective Harding, Evelyn Selbie as Fai Lu Ambrose Barker as Camden, the Reporter, Nora Cecil as Curious Passerby at Fu's Funeral, David Dunbar as Detective Lawrence, Bill Elliott as Wedding Guest, Toyo Fujita as Ah Ling, Olaf Hytten as Deacon at Wedding, Tetsu Komai as Chang, Will Stanton as Curious Passerby at Fu's Funeral
Plot : The villainous become erudite at criminal Dr. Fu Manchu styles out to kill the kinsmen he holds hard-working as the bereavement of his family.
Run Time : 73 min (sound version)
Country : USA
Company : Rowland V. Lee Productions