The Last Warning (1929)

Director : Paul Leni
Release Date : 1929
Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Laura La Plante as Doris Terry, Montagu Love as Arthur McHugh, Roy D'Arcy as Harvey Carleton, Margaret Livingston as Evalynda Hendon, John Boles as Richard Quayle, Burr McIntosh as Josiah Bunce, Mack Swain as Robert, Bert Roach as Mike Brody, Carrie Daumery as Barbara Morgan, Slim Summerville as Tommy Wall, Torben Meyer as Gene, D'Arcy Corrigan as John Woodford, Bud Phelps as Sammy, Charles K. French as Doctor, Francisco Marán as Jeffries, Ella McKenzie as Ann, Fred Kelsey as Inspector, Tom O'Brien as Inspector, Harry Northrup as Coroner Pat Harmon as Cop, Charles McMurphy as Cop
Plot : A producer decides to reopen a theater, that felt been closed five existence hitherto whilst one among the actors was wiped out at a number of steer of a performance…
Run Time :
Country : USA
Company : Universal Pictures