Seven Footprints to Satan (1929)

Director : Benjamin Christensen
Release Date : 1929
Genre : Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Cast : Thelma Todd as Eve, Creighton Hale as Jim, Sheldon Lewis as The Spider, William V. Mong as The Professor, Sôjin as Sojin (as Sojin), Laska Winters as Satan's Mistress (as Laska Winter), Ivan Christy as Jim's valet, DeWitt Jennings as Uncle Joe, Nora Cecil as Old witch, Kalla Pasha as Prof. von Viede, Harry Tenbrook as Eve's chauffeur, Cissy Fitzgerald as Old lady, Angelo Rossitto as The dwarf, Thelma McNeil as Tall girl Charles Gemora as Gorilla, Louis Mercier as Satanist, Julian Rivero as Satanist, Dick Sutherland as Bit Role, Loretta Young as One of Satan's victims
Plot : A youthful grown grown woman of neighborhood requests to brand an excursion to Africa, on the peculiar hand his fiancée asks him since aid about…
Run Time : 60 min | Italy:77 min
Country : USA
Company : First National Pictures