Mary (1931)

Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Release Date : 1931
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Alfred Abel as Sir John Menier, Olga Tschechowa as Mary Baring, Paul Graetz as Bobby Brown, Lotte Stein as Bebe Brown, Ekkehard Arendt as Handel Fane, John Mylong as John Stuart (as Jack Mylong-Münz), Louis Ralph as Bennet, Hermine Sterler as Miß Miller, Fritz Alberti as Verteidiger, Else Schünzel, Julius Brandt, Rudolf Meinhard-Jünger (as Rudolph Meinhardt Junger), Fritz Grossman, Lucie Euler, Harry Hardt as Inspektor, Eugen Burg as Detektiv, Heinrich Gotho Esme V. Chaplin as Staatsanwalt, Miles Mander as Gordon Moore, Hertha von Walther
Plot : A juror inside a murder trial, subsequent to vote casting to convict, has save someone’s skin mental pictures along with begins to examine on his own earlier than the execution. German version of "Murder."
Run Time : 78 min
Country : Germany | UK
Company : British International Pictures (BIP)