The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)

Director : James Parrott
Release Date : 1929
Genre : Comedy, Short, Crime, Mystery
Cast : Stan Laurel as Stan, Oliver Hardy as Ollie Frank Austin as Butler, Stanley Blystone as Detective, Bobby Burns as Nervous Relative at Window, Rosa Gore as Old Relative, Dorothy Granger as Young Relative, Dell Henderson as Housekeeper, Fred Kelsey as Chief of Detectives, Lon Poff as Old Relative, Art Rowlands as Theater-goer Relative, Tiny Sandford as Policeman
Plot : It gives the look resembling the boys won't have to be compelled to fish off the entire of the pier to feed them any more as Stanley's wealthy uncle Ebenezer Laurel dies…
Run Time : 30 min
Country : USA
Company : Hal Roach Studios