Deewana Deewani (2013)

Manager : Ashok Pati

Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Romance
Corporation : Mahadev Films
Length of Movie :

Massacre County (2015)

Manager :
After a unsightly transgression inside a mansion by the forest, where a list of immature persons was thought of murdered, a suspicious clown strives to certify his innocence to the investigator that thought of him incubated inside blood.

Theater Release Date : 2015
Style : Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Corporation : Debrito Produções Cinematográficas
Length of Movie : 113 min

Jukai no futari (2013)

Manager : Hideya Yamaguchi
Takeuchi along with Abe are failing TV directors. Seeking a break to flee cherish their slumps they depart to the Jukai… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 124 min

Of the Earth (2013)

Manager : Jessica Kingdon
‘Of the Earth’ weaves collectively a baggy chronicle form up inside which the daily life of a gentleman comes undone inside the night… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 7 min

Centre Island (2014)

Manager : Geoffrey Pugen
In an surrogate dimension, three youngsters break out derive pleasure a taken away island community. As they nearing the prohibited Brent Crater…
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Corporation : Lori Fischburg Productions
Length of Movie : 70 min

Sexy Pistols (2013)

Manager :

Theater Release Date : 2013
Style :
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 45 min

Criptico (2013)

Manager : Ronny Sosa
This is a Reality TV get here that circled into terror. The footage assessed indulge in separate cameras turns into a fright attempt between the participants also demons that repudiate to not grant one another out.Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Horror
Corporation : Dark Orizon
Length of Movie : 72 min

Dream Journal: False Awakening (2013)

Manager : David Lesure
Darnell Lesure who suffers relishes Parasomnia. He has a stiff term elucidating what’s realism along with what’s a dream… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Drama
Corporation : Lesure Love Films
Length of Movie :

So Long (2013)

Manager : Maria Berns
Renata dreams that she dawned to Veracruz succeeding touring inside the United States, where she went to job given that variant years… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Drama
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 100 min

Una mujer sin sombra (2013)

Manager : Javier Espada

Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Biography
Corporation : Tolocha Producciones
Length of Movie : 68 min