Teenage Mother (1967)

Director : Jerry Gross
Release Date : 1967
Genre : Drama
Cast : Arlene Farber as Arlene Taylor (as Arlene Sue Farber), Frederick Riccio as Duke Markell, Julie Ange as Erika Petersen, Howard Le May as Tony Michaels, George Peters as Mr. Taylor, Matt Reynolds, Lynne Lipton, Fred Willard as Coach, David Vancelette, George Stauch, Mildred Weitz, Birger Kaurin, Butler Sheldon Jr., Burton Wolsky, Nan Somers, Helene Farber as Duke's girl, Arnold Hittleman, Ron Segal, Steven Decker, Gerald Mariner, Earl Hindman (as Earle Hindman), Alan Michaels, Hannah Wolff, George Harris III, David Bruno, The Young Set as Themselves Jerry Gross as Truck driver, Alex Mann as High school student
Plot : A spanking new healthiness counselor inside a expensive order is roughly raped by drug-dealing students with is blamed as a student turns wide awake pregnant.
Run Time : 78 min
Country : USA
Company : Arrow Films