Anita: Swedish Nymphet (1973)

Director : Torgny Wickman
Release Date : 1973
Genre : Drama
Cast : Christina Lindberg as Anita, Stellan Skarsgård as Erik, Danièle Vlaminck as The Mother, Michel David as The Father, Per Mattsson as Artist, Ewert Granholm as Glasier, Arne Ragneborn as Man at Library, Jörgen Barwe as Lundbaeck, professor, Ericka Wickman as Anitas twin-sister, Berit Agedal as The lesbian social-worker, Jan-Olof Rydqvist as Schoolteacher, Thore Segelström as Schoolteatcher, Lasse Lundberg as Man at trainstation Christer Jonsson as Assistant to glazier
Plot : Anita is a gal of hardly 16 years, in addition to jiffy she has grew timely physically, to a near the bone woman, she is spiritually completly ruthless…
Run Time : 95 min
Country : Sweden | France
Company : Alpha France