The Naked Prey (1977)

Director : Pasquale Festa Campanile
Release Date : 1977
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Franco Nero as Walter Mancini, Corinne Cléry as Eve Mancini, David Hess as Adam Konitz, Joshua Sinclair as Oaks (as John Loffredo), Carlo Puri as Hawk, Ignazio Spalla as Bar Owner (as Pedro Sanchez), Leonardo Scavino as Mendoza (as Leon Lenor), Mónica Zanchi as Girl at Camp Site, Benito Pacifico as Highway Patrolman #1, Angelo Ragusa as Highway Patrolman #2, Luigi Birri as Motorcycle Punk #2, Robert Sommer as Harry Stetson, Ann Ferguson as Lucy Stetson, Fausto Di Bella as Motorcycle Punk #1 Nick Alexander as Policeman (voice: English version), John P. Dulaney as Man at Camp, Edward Mannix as Mendoza (voice: English version)
Plot : A bickering partners adding cross-country obtain a murderous hitchhiker whom threatens to eradicate one another excepting they obtain him to a santuary, furthermore inside go again sees see to eye to rift many sitcom loot he has on him.
Run Time : 104 min | Canada:82 min | UK:98 min
Country : Italy
Company : Explorer Film '58