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The Laughing Mask (2014)

Manager : Michael Aguiar
If you're guilty, take care The Laughing Mas. Jake Johnson abandoned his better half along with little adolescent to a psychotic killer recognized since Laughing Mask along with works to exceptional planning to pull off his revenge.
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Corporation : Bravestarr Pictures
Length of Movie : 101 min

L’amour de son prochain (2013)

Manager : Benoit Maestre
Alain meets Estelle inside unsetting circumstances. They’ll at the moment need to allocation a hefty secret. What they don’t acquaint with is that a witness, Balthazar is viewing them…Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 80 min

Paragon II (2013)

Manager : Scott Kessler
Paragon II (sequel to 2010’s multiple-award nominee PARAGON) continues the adventures of Augustus ‘Paragon’ Carr with his sidekick… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Action, Crime, Thriller
Corporation : Creative Threat Films
Length of Movie : 77 min

Falsehood (2013)

Manager : Lakpathy Wijesekara
When Marilyn’s dedicated boyfriend as exorbitant school, Steward, in addition to James, her laidback dating partner, both get here at her apartment… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Corporation : Unlimited Entertainment
Length of Movie : 70 min

Reflections of Maya Rose (2014)

Manager : Alexandra Wedenig
A sum of wacko on the varying hand seemingly distinct happenings advent to disturb the existence of youthful with eager…
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Corporation : Alexandra Wedenig Filmproduktion
Length of Movie : 104 min

Ek Phali Rodh (2014)

Manager : Atanu Ghosh
Dr. Somshankar Roy, a social scientist, engages Swagato with Anwesha to form ‘mock’ danger on the streets… See more »Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Drama, Thriller
Corporation : Teamwork Communication
Length of Movie :

Shadows on the Wall (2015)

Manager : Ben Carland
Three college students effort to build a tool older of accomplishing away from the boundaries of the noticed universe… See more »Theater Release Date : 2015
Style : Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Corporation : Pixel Pictures
Length of Movie : 90 min

The Warp (2013)

Manager : Gene Shibuya
An ambitious ghost pack rat is hired by a moneyed creating owner to probe a haunted factory, and… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Horror, Thriller
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 70 min

Underbelly (2013/III)

Manager : Martin Melnick
Underbelly is a dark, present-day morality anecdote that begs the question: may well you set a VALUE on chap life?’
Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Short, Drama, Thriller
Corporation : Studio 8 Films
Length of Movie : 21 min | 16 min

Bluff Creek (2013)

Manager : Christopher McGraw
Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Thriller
Corporation : Colored Films Inc.
Length of Movie : 97min