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2/11: Day of the Dead (2012)

Manager : Ezio Massa
A juvenile person of sexually explicit age is interpreted migrating near to the woods, naked as at any rate as encompassed inside blood, outside the minor town notified Chascomus…
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Corporation : Findling Films
Length of Movie : 97min

Misteri bisikan pontianak (2013)

Manager : M. Subash Abdullah

Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Corporation : Genius Parade
Length of Movie : 80 min

Massacre County (2015)

Manager :
After a unsightly transgression inside a mansion by the forest, where a list of immature persons was thought of murdered, a suspicious clown strives to certify his innocence to the investigator that thought of him incubated inside blood.

Theater Release Date : 2015
Style : Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Corporation : Debrito Produções Cinematográficas
Length of Movie : 113 min

Criptico (2013)

Manager : Ronny Sosa
This is a Reality TV get here that circled into terror. The footage assessed indulge in separate cameras turns into a fright attempt between the participants also demons that repudiate to not grant one another out.Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Horror
Corporation : Dark Orizon
Length of Movie : 72 min

A Father’s Love (2013)

Manager : Nathan Colmer
A Zombie Apocalypse A Small Group of Survivors And a Father Who Will Stop at Nothing to Save His Daughter.Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Drama, Horror
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 116 min

Sacrificial Youth (2013)

Manager : Joe Losurdo
Sacrificial Youth is a Hardcore Punk musical that tells the anecdote of TJ, a youthful person fixed at the crossroads… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Fantasy, Horror, Musical
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 85 min

Extracurrikiller Activity (2013)

Manager : Ryan Konig
Within the walls of a common suburban pricey school, a petty collection of students cumulated to receive share inside a picture club… See more »Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Corporation : POWER Film Group
Length of Movie :

The Laughing Mask (2014)

Manager : Michael Aguiar
If you're guilty, take care The Laughing Mas. Jake Johnson abandoned his better half along with little adolescent to a psychotic killer recognized since Laughing Mask along with works to exceptional planning to pull off his revenge.
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Corporation : Bravestarr Pictures
Length of Movie : 101 min

Spookbomen (2013)

Manager : Jan Nanne
A spooky recollection of the mystifying disappearance plus successive demise of a adolescent student inside a life-size praxis reserve.Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Drama, Horror, Mystery
Corporation : Fast & Loose Productions
Length of Movie : 87 min

Metempsychosis (2013)

Manager : Jason Ronzani
You are anything you eat.Theater Release Date : 2013
Style : Animation, Short, Horror
Corporation :
Length of Movie : 4 min