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Waterfront at Midnight (1948)

Director : William Berke
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : William Gargan as Mike Hanrohan, Mary Beth Hughes as Ethel Novack, Richard Travis as 'Socks' Barstow, Richard Crane as Denny Hanrohan, Cheryl Walker as Helen Hanrohan, Horace McMahon as Hank Bremmer, John Hilton as Woody, Douglas Fowley as Joe Sargus, Paul Harvey as Commissioner Ryan, Keye Luke as Loy Edward Gargan
Plot : Plot/Story Not found.
Run Time : 63 min
Country : USA
Company : Pine-Thomas Productions

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948)

Director : William Nigh
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Mystery, Film-Noir, Crime, Drama
Cast : Don Castle as Thomas J. 'Tom' Quinn, Elyse Knox as Ann Quinn, Regis Toomey as Police Inspector Clint Judd, Charles D. Brown as Inspector Stevens, Rory Mallinson as Harry, 1st Detective, Robert Lowell as Kosloff, Steve Darrell as District Attorney, Bill Kennedy as 2nd Detective, Esther Michelson as Mrs. Finkelstein, Ray Dolciame as Shoeshine Boy, William Ruhl as Police Lieutenant, John Sheehan as Judge, John Elliott as Mr. Lake, Tom's Lawyer (as John H. Elliott), Dorothy Vaughan as Mrs. Alvin, Herman Cantor as Jury Foreman, Hugh Charles as Counterman, Laura Treadwell as Mrs. Stevens, Joseph E. Bernard as Apartment House Manager (as Joe Bernard), Tito Vuolo as Campana, the Grocer, Jimmy Aubrey as Tramp, John Shay as Salesman, Donald Kerr as Vaudeville Man, Stanley Blystone as McGee, Matty Fain as Prisoner, John Doucette as Prisoner, Dan White as Prisoner, Bill Walker as Prisoner, Ray Teal as Guard, Paul Bryar as Guard, Walden Boyle as Priest, Wally Walker as Clerk, Eddie Parker as Policeman Lou Marcelle as (voice), Bert Stevens as Dance Extra at Academy
Plot : A dancer is pinned for the basis that murder behind his shoe prints are looked on at the view of the crime. His better half follows the path of hints to the sincere killer.
Run Time : 70 min
Country : USA
Company : Monogram Pictures

The Hunted (1948)

Director : Jack Bernhard
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Film-Noir, Crime, Drama
Cast : Preston Foster as Johnny Saxon, Belita as Laura Mead, Pierre Watkin as Simon Rand, Attorney, Edna Holland as Miss Turner, Russell Hicks as Dan Meredith Chief of Detectives, Frank Ferguson as Paul Harrison, Joseph Crehan as Police Captain, Larry J. Blake as Hollis Smith (as Larry Blake), Cathy Carter as Sally Winters, Charles McGraw as Detective, Tristram Coffin as Detective Ernie Adams as Service Station Attendant, Harry Adams as Doctor, Jean Andren as Nurse, Andy Andrews as Detective, Valerie Ardis as Bit Role, Robert Barron as Customer, Guy Beach as Silas, Ralph Brooks as Reporter, Michael Browne as Young Policeman, George Chandler as Joe the Bartender, Carole Donne as Waitress, Estelle Etterre as Waitress, Tom Fadden as Hayseed Bus Passenger, Matty Fain as Truck Driver, Art Foster as Detective, William Hall as Bus Driver, Chuck Hamilton as Motorcycle Officer, Earle Hodgins as Barker, Maynard Holmes as Co-Driver, Thomas E. Jackson as Detective, Muriel Kearney as Agnes, Colin Kenny as Restaurant table extra, Donald Kerr as Spieler, Walter Lawrence as Spieler, Rory Mallinson as Arizona Highway Patrol, Allen Mathews as Policeman, Janet Murdoch as Landlady, John O'Connor as Musician, Jack Raymond as Spieler, Richard Reeves as Detective, Jack Reynolds as Spieler, Larry Rio as Musician, Frank J. Scannell as Bus Station Attendant / Starter, Larry Valli as Clown, George Volk as Detective
Plot : A check undercover agent exploring a jewel robbery discovers sign that facets to his spouse because the culprit…
Run Time : 88 min
Country : USA
Company : Allied Artists Pictures

Whiplash (1948)

Director : Lewis Seiler
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : Dane Clark as Michael Gordon, aka Mike Angelo, Alexis Smith as Laurie Durant, Zachary Scott as Rex Durant, Eve Arden as Chris Sherwood, Jeffrey Lynn as Dr. Arnold Vincent, S.Z. Sakall as Sam, Alan Hale as Terrance O'Leary, Douglas Kennedy as Costello, Ransom M. Sherman as Tex Sanders (as Ransom Sherman), Freddie Steele as Duke Carney (as Fred Steele), Robert Lowell as Trask, Don McGuire as Markus Joe Gray as Fighter, Al Winters as Waiter in nightclub, Larry Anzalone as Fighter, Paul Baxley as Fighter, John Daheim as Kid Lucas, Gene Delmont as Second, Jimmie Dodd as Bill, Piano Player, Bess Flowers as Extra, Rudolf Friml Jr. as Orchestra Leader, Ceferino García as Fighter, Tommy Garland as Rocky, George Goodman as Fighter, Joey Gray as Fighter, John Harmon as Kid McGee, Sam Hayes as Ringside Radio Announcer, Cliff Herd as Waiter, I. Stanford Jolley as Artist, Donald Kerr as Vendor, Joe La Barba as Second, Mike Lally as Ring Announcer, Kate Drain Lawson as Woman on Steps, Harry Lewis as Press Man, Cy Malis as Second, Charles Marsh as Charlie, the Hotel Clerk, Philo McCullough as, Ray McDonald as Second, Larry McGrath as Manager, Howard M. Mitchell as Fight Announcer, Ray Montgomery as Press Man, Howard Negley as Policeman, Georgie Nokes as Boy at Beach, Jimmy O'Gatty as Handler, Norman Ollestad as Boy at Beach, Harvey Parry as Handler, Bob Perry as Timekeeper, Maudie Prickett as Mrs. Gruman, Rito Punay as Fighter, Wally Rose as Fighter, John Salvata as Fighter, Wallace Scott as Drunk, Sammy Shack as Second, Aldo Spoldi as Fighter, Arthur Sullivan as Fighter, Charles Sullivan as Second, George Suzanne as Second, Sailor Vincent as Second, Ralph Volkie as Referee, Henry Vroom as Fighter, Richard Walsh as Assistant Stage Manager, Jack Worth as Pelican Club Doorman, Buddy Wright as Fighter, Clifton Young as Gunman
Plot : Plot/Story Not found.
Run Time : 91 min
Country : USA
Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Parole, Inc. (1948)

Director : Alfred Zeisler
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir
Cast : Michael O'Shea as Richard Hendricks, Turhan Bey as Barney Rodescu, Evelyn Ankers as Jojo Dumont, Virginia Lee as Glenda Palmer, Charles Bradstreet as Harry Palmer, Lyle Talbot as Police Commissioner, Michael Whalen as Kid Redmond, Charles Williams as Titus Jones, James Cardwell as Duke Vigili, Paul Bryar as Charley Newton, Noel Cravat as Blackie Olson Marshall Bradford as Governor, Edgar Dearing as Atty. Gen. Whitmore, Bess Flowers as Mary – Nurse, Charles Jordan as Monty Cooper, Harry Lauter as Donald Perkins, John Merton as Police Captain
Plot : Parole officers dispute hostile gangsters struggling to infiltrate the parole system.
Run Time : 71 min
Country : USA
Company : Equity Pictures Corporation

Assigned to Danger (1948)

Director : Budd Boetticher
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Film-Noir, Crime, Drama
Cast : Gene Raymond as Dan Sullivan, Noreen Nash as Bonnie Powers, Robert Bice as Frankie Mantell (as Bob Bice), Martin Kosleck as Louie Volkes, Mary Meade as Evie, Ralf Harolde as Matty Farmer, Jack Overman as Biggie Kritz, Gene Evans as Joey Victor Cutler as Nip Powers, Franklyn Farnum as Mr. Norton, Russell Hicks as Thomas A. Rivers, Bill Kennedy as Assistant District Attorney, Eddie Parks as Mr. Beasley, Emory Parnell as Sheriff, Dean Riesner as Dr. Michael Kelly, Chili Williams as Secretary
Plot : Insurance investigator Dan Sullivan is constraint to pose for a health worker jiffy examining a colossal payroll robbery.
Run Time : 66 min
Country : USA
Company : Ben Stoloff Productions

Walk a Crooked Mile (1948)

Director : Gordon Douglas
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : Louis Hayward as Philip 'Scotty' Grayson, Dennis O'Keefe as Daniel F. O'Hara, Louise Allbritton as Dr. Toni Neva, Carl Esmond as Dr. Ritter von Stolb, Onslow Stevens as Igor Braun, Raymond Burr as Krebs, Art Baker as Dr. Frederick Townsend, Lowell Gilmore as Dr. William Forrest, Philip Van Zandt as Anton Radchek, Charles Evans as Dr. Homer Allen, Frank Ferguson as Carl Bemish, Reed Hadley as Narrator (voice) Paul Bryar as Ivan, Fred Coby as Fred, FBI Chemist, Bert Davidson as FBI Agent Potter, John Hamilton as G.W. Hunter, Myron Healey as FBI Agent Thompson, Marten Lamont as FBI chemist, Jimmy Lloyd as FBI Agent Alison, Howard Negley as Feodore, Steve Pendleton as Police Detective Gaines, Lee Phelps as Cop, Grandon Rhodes as Adolph Mizner, Keith Richards as FBI Agent Miller, Suzanne Ridgeway as Extra at Murder Scene, Tamara Shayne as Mrs. Ecko, Landlady, Arthur Space as Mr. North, Gale Storm as Voice on Tape Recorder, William Tannen as FBI Chemist, Ray Teal as Police Sergeant, Arthur Tovey as Plant Worker, Crane Whitley as Curly
Plot : A defense trickle is considered at a Southern California atomic plant. The authorities platform inside likelihood that the figures leaked may well set out to a adverse nation…
Run Time : 91 min | France:87 min
Country : USA
Company : Edward Small Productions

Race Street (1948)

Director : Edwin L. Marin
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : George Raft as Daniel J. 'Dan' Gannin, William Bendix as Lt. Barney Runson, Marilyn Maxwell as Robbie Lawrence, Frank Faylen as Phil Dickson, Harry Morgan as Hal Towers (as Henry Morgan), Gale Robbins as Elaine Gannin, Cully Richards as Mike Hadley, Mack Gray as Stringy, Russell Hicks as Easy Mason, Tom Keene as Al (as Richard Powers), William Forrest as Nick Walters, James Nolan as Herbie (as Jim Nolan), George Turner as Dixie, Richard Benedict as Sam, Dean White as Big Jack, Freddie Steele as Monty Eddie Arden as Minor Role, Wong Artarne as Lee – Gannin's Houseboy, Reginald Billado as Clerk, Barry Brooks as Intern in Hallway, James Bush as Male Nurse on Ward, George Chandler as Herman – Waiter, James Conaty as Racetrack Spectator / Nightclub Patron, Oliver Cross as Turf Club Headwaiter, Robert Dudley as Pop – Watchman, Franklyn Farnum as Minor Role, George Goodman as Turf Club Waiter, Charmienne Harker as Cigarette Girl at Turf Club, Cy Kendall as Shoeshine Customer, Mary Kent as Central Receiving Nurse-Receptionist, Mike Lally as Minor Role, Charles Lane as Switchboard Operator-Clerk, Mickey Martin as Jimmy – Elevator Boy, Frank McClure as Racetrack Spectator, Sam McDaniel as Garage Attendant, Hercules Mendez as Chef, Al Murphy as Drunk, George Murray as Minor Role, Joan Myles as Cigarette Girl, William H. O'Brien as Racetrack Spectator, June Pickerell as Minor Role, Al Rhein as Man in Joe's Bar, Jason Robards Sr. as Apartment Desk Clerk, Edna Ryan as Lucille – Dan's Receptionist, Carl Saxe as Detective, Frank J. Scannell as Bar Patron Claiming 'Deafness', Michael St. Angel as Clerk, Larry Steers as Nightclub Patron, Bert Stevens as Nightclub Patron, Michael Wallace as Headwaiter at Billy's, Eric Wilton as Bar Patron, Jane Worland as Hat Check Girl
Plot : Nice-guy bookie Dan Gannin purposes to renounce the racket; he's chance one more middle of the night group plus his torch-singing sis for innate attraction…
Run Time : 79 min
Country : USA
Company : RKO Radio Pictures

To the Ends of the Earth (1948)

Director : Robert Stevenson
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller
Cast : Dick Powell as Commissioner Michael Barrows, Signe Hasso as Ann Grant, Maylia as Shu Pan Wu, Ludwig Donath as Nicholas Sokim, Vladimir Sokoloff as Commissioner Lum Chi Chow, Edgar Barrier as Grieg, John Hoyt as George C. Shannon, Marcel Journet as Commissioner Lariesier, Luis Van Rooten as Commissioner Alberto Berado, Fritz Leiber as Binda Sha Harry J. Anslinger as Himself – Commissioner H.J. Anslinger, Jack Barnett as Ensign, Horace Brown as Ship's Officer, Peter Chong as Joe, Tom Coleman as Treasury Agent in Ship's Galley, Douglas D. Coppin as Ship's Officer, Sally Corner as Midgie, Bess Flowers as Ship Passenger, Nacho Galindo as Cab Driver, Fred Godoy as Pastry Cook, Otto Han as Court Clerk, Lou Krugman as Commissioner Amar Hassam, Henry Kulky as Giant Chinese Man, Frank Lackteen as Camel Driver, Eddie Lee as Chian Soo, James B. Leong as Chinese Driver, George J. Lewis as Ship's Cook Who Is Lying About Fire, Richard Loo as Commissioner Lu, Robert Malcolm as Clark, Frank Mayo as Ship's Captain, Frank McClure as Ship Passenger, Walter Pietila as Narcotics Agent, Michael Raffetto as Professor Salim, Robert Riordan as Ship's Doctor, Julian Rivero as Cab Driver, Leonardo Scavino as Hernando, Mahmud Shaikhaly as Egyptian Policeman at Gate, Vernon Steele as Commissioner Lionel Hadley, Ivan Triesault as Naftalie Vrandstadter, Peter Virgo as Mahmoud, George Volk as Cassidy, Nick Volpe as Sketch Artist, Richard Wang as Hotel Clerk, Harlan Warde as Harry Hardt, Blue Washington as Binda Sha Henchman, Mack Williams as Coast Guard Captain, Florence Wix as Mrs. Mary Paine, Beal Wong as Transportation Captain, Victor Sen Yung as Chinese Pilot
Plot : Based on the documents of the United States Department of Treasury. Commissioner Michael Barrows is an American Government Agent…
Run Time : 109 min | West Germany:95 min
Country : USA
Company : Kennedy-Buckman Pictures

I Love Trouble (1948)

Director : S. Sylvan Simon
Release Date : 1948
Genre : Film-Noir, Mystery
Cast : Franchot Tone as Stuart Bailey, Janet Blair as Norma Shannon, Janis Carter as Mrs. Caprillo aka Jane Breeger aka Janie Joy, Adele Jergens as Boots Nestor, Glenda Farrell as Hazel Bixby, Steven Geray as Keller, Tom Powers as Ralph Johnston, Lynn Merrick as Mrs. Johnston, John Ireland as Reno, Donald Curtis as Martin, Eduardo Ciannelli as John Vega Caprillo, Robert Barrat as Lt. Quint, Raymond Burr as Herb, Eddie Marr as Sharpy, Arthur Space as Sgt. Muller, Sid Tomack as Buster Buffin George Bell as Elevator Boy, Paul E. Burns as Janitor, Claire Carleton as Tired Blonde, Lane Chandler as Recording Detective, Douglas D. Coppin as Lab Man, Louise Franklin as Maid, Karen X. Gaylord as Betty, John Hart as, Mary Adams Hayes as Extra, Nan Holliday as High School Girl, Martha Montgomery as Angel, Roseanne Murray as Miss Phipps, Vesey O'Davoren as Butler, Garry Owen as Gus, Gene Roth as Plainclothesman, William Stubbs as Dealer, Harry Tyler as Warehouse Foreman, Isabel Withers as Gracie
Plot : A filthy rich mature woman hires a secret agent to scrutinize his wife's past. The secret agent (Franchot Tone) discovers…
Run Time : 93 min
Country : USA
Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation