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Le guerriere dal seno nudo (1973)

Director : Terence Young
Release Date : 1973

Genre : Adventure, Action, Drama

Cast : Alena Johnston as Antiope, Sabine Sun as Oreitheia, Rosanna Yanni as Penthesilea, Helga Liné as High Priestess, Rebecca Potok as Melanippe, Malisa Longo as Leuthera, Lucy Tiller as Alana, Almut Berg as Cynara, Luciana Paluzzi as Phaedra, Angelo Infanti as Theseus, Fausto Tozzi as General, Ángel del Pozo as Captain, Franco Borelli as Perithous, Benito Stefanelli as Commander Anna Ardizzone (as Anna Maria Ardizzone), Francesco D'Adda, Serge de la Roche, Massimo De Rita, Veronique Floret, Arduino Maiuri, Carla Mancini, Ulrike Pesch, Anna Petocchi, Nathalie Plouvie, Virginia Rhodes, Godela H. Meyer as

Plot : A tale of a tribe of Amazons inside the era of swords along with chariots. The picture opens plus the tribe sizing up physical challenges to want one more queen…

Run Time : 105 min | Spain:93 min | USA:89 min

Country : Italy | France | Spain

Company : Les Films de la Boétie