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Treasure Island (1973)

Director : Hal Sutherland
Release Date : 1973
Genre : Animation, Family
Cast : Richard Dawson as Captain Smollett (voice), Davy Jones as Jim Hawkins (voice), Larry D. Mann as (voice), Dal McKennon as (voice) (as Dallas McKennon), Larry Storch as (voice), Jane Webb as (voice) Directed by Hal Sutherland Writing credits Ben Starr  screenplayRobert Louis Stevenson  novel "Treasure Island"Produced by Norm Prescott as. producer Lou Scheimer as. producer Jacqueline Smith as. executive producer: Warner Bros.  Art Direction by Don Christensen Production Management Rock Benedetto as. production manager  Art Department Mike Hazy as. key art assistant Bill House as. key art assistant Sherman Labby as. storyboard artist Dan Noonan as. storyboard artist Michael O'Connor as. storyboard artist (as Mike O'Connor) Camera and Electrical Department John Aardal as. camera operator Thane Berti as. camera operator Bill Kotler as. camera operator Joe A. Ponticelle as. camera operator (as Joseph Ponticelle) R.W. Pope as. camera supervisor F.T. Ziegler as. camera operator (as Fredrick T. Ziegler) Animation Department Roman Arambula as. animator Robert Bentley as. animator Betty Brooks as. xerography and paint supervisor Jim Brummett as. animator Bob Carlson as. animator Rudy Cataldi as. animator Richie Craig as. checking Zeon Davush as. animator (as Zion Davush) Alberto De Mello as. key layout artist Lillian Evans as. animator Otto Feuer as. animator Hak Ficq as. layout artist (as Hack Ficq) Ed Friedman as. animator Joyce Gard as. checking Fred Grable as. animator Dick Hall as. animator Lee Halpern as. animator Laverne Harding as. animator (as LaVerne Harding) Maurice Harvey as. background artist Herb Hazelton as. key layout artist Wes Herschensohn as. layout artist Zygamond Jablecki as. layout artist (as Z.T. Jablecki) Raymond Jacobs as. layout artist (as Ray Jacobs) Lou Kachivas as. animator Les Kaluza as. layout artist Ervin L. Kaplan as. color director Pat Keppler as. background artist Marsh Lamore as. animator (as Marshall Lamore) Rudy Larriva as. sequence director Bill Loudenslager as. background artist Warren Marshall as. layout artist Dan Noonan as. layout artist Tom O'Loughlin as. background artist Casey Onaitis as. animator Jack Ozark as. animator Amby Paliwoda as. animator (as Ambrozi Paliwoda) Curt Perkins as. background artist Don Peters as. background artist (as Donald Peters) Jane Philippi as. checking supervisor Bill Pratt as. animator (as William Pratt) Virgil Raddatz as. layout artist Bill Reed as. sequence director Edwin Rehberg as. animator (as Ed Rehberg) John Remmel as. xerography and paint supervisor Marjorie Roach as. checking Len Rogers as. animator Virgil Ross as. animator Sonja Ruta as. animator Louise Sandoval as. animator Don Schloat as. animator Larry Silverman as. animator Brad Smith as. animator Hank Smith as. animator Lorna Smith as. layout artist Ed Solomon as. sequence director Ken Southworth as. animator Reuben Timmins as. animator Don Towsley as. sequence director Bob Trochim as. animator Marion Turk as. checking supervisor Russ von Neida as. animator Cliff Voorhees as. layout artist George Wheeler as. layout artist Jim Willoughby as. layout artist Kaem Wong as. animator Kay Wright as. key layout artist Paul Xander as. background artist Lou Zukor as. sequence director  Editorial Department Doreen A. Dixon as. editorial supervisor (as Doreen Dixon) Joseph Simon as. editorial supervisor  Other crew June Gilham as. film coordinator  Production CompaniesFilmation AssociatesOther CompaniesHorta-Mahana Corp.  music and sound effects hints: “based on novel” Also Known As: more » Runtime:Germany:87 min Country:USALanguage:EnglishColor:Color Sound Mix:Mono Company:Filmation Associates
Plot : Plot/Story Not found.
Run Time : Germany:87 min
Country : USA
Company : Filmation Associates

Treasure Island (1972)

Director : John Hough (more)
Release Date : 1972
Genre : Adventure, Family
Cast : Orson Welles as Long John Silver, Kim Burfield as Jim Hawkins, Lionel Stander as Billy Bones, Walter Slezak as Squire Trelawney, Ángel del Pozo as Doctor Livesey, Rik Battaglia as Captain Smollett, Maria Rohm as Mrs. Hawkins, Paul Muller as Blind Pew, Jean Lefebvre as Ben Gunn (as Jean Lefevbre), Michel Garland as George Merry (as Michael Garland), Aldo Sambrell as Israel Hands, Alibe as Mrs. Silver, Adolfo Thous as Black Dog, José Luis Chinchilla as Anderson (as Chinchilla), Víctor Israel as Morgan, José Jaspe as Tommy, Barta Barri as Redruth (as Barta Barry), Cristino Álmodóvar as O'Brien Jaime Doria as Joyce, Martín Díaz as Pirate, Leopoldo Francés as Pirate, Rafael García as Patch, Miguel Pedregosa as Gray, Franco Ressel as Sgt. Dance, Robert Rietty as Long John Silver (voice)
Plot : Based upon the chronicle by R. L. Stevenson, the picture shows Orson Welles for Long John Silver, pirate chief, who may well reminiscent of to value privy treasure.
Run Time : France:94 min | Germany:95 min | Spain:79 min | USA:94 min
Country : France | Italy | Spain | UK | West Germany
Company : Central Cinema Company Film (CCC)

Return to Treasure Island (1954)

Director : Ewald André Dupont
Release Date : 1954
Genre : Adventure, Family
Cast : Tab Hunter as Clive Stone, Dawn Addams as Jamesina 'Jamie' Hawkins, Porter Hall as Maximillian 'Maxie' Harris, James Seay as Felix Newman, Harry Lauter as Parker, William Cottrell as Cookie, Lane Chandler as Capt. Cardigan, Henry Rowland as Williams, Dayton Lummis as Capt. Flint (as Dayton Lumis), Robert Long as Long John Silver, Ken Terrell as Thompson Lloyd Berrell as Minor Role, Connie Gilchrist as Purity Pinker, Charles Horvath as Larsen, Maxie's Henchman, Dale Van Sickel as Roberts–Newman's Henchman
Plot : American academic Clive Stone is producing sample on pirate lore since a book. Part of that lore includes…
Run Time : 75 min
Country : USA
Company : Edward Small Productions

Five on a Treasure Island (1957)

Director : Gerald Landau
Release Date : 1957
Genre : Adventure, Family
Cast : Rel Grainer as George Kirrin, Richard Palmer as Julian, Gillian Harrison as Ann, John Baily as Dick, Daga as Tim, Robert Cawdron as Luke Undown, Nicholas Bruce as Jim, John Charlesworth as Jan, Rufus Cruikshank as Captain Zachary Peter Burton, Iris Russell
Plot : Plot/Story Not found.
Run Time : 122 min (8 episodes)
Country : UK
Company : British Lion Film Corporation

Treasure Island (1950)

Director : Byron Haskin
Release Date : 1950
Genre : Adventure, Family
Cast : Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins, Robert Newton as Long John Silver, Basil Sydney as Captain Smollett, Walter Fitzgerald as Squire Trelawney, Denis O'Dea as Dr. Livesy, Finlay Currie as Capt. Billy Bones, Ralph Truman as George Merry, Geoffrey Keen as Israel Hands, Geoffrey Wilkinson as Ben Gunn, John Laurie as Blind Pew, Francis De Wolff as Black Dog, David Davies as Mr. Arrow, John Gregson as Redruth, Andrew Blackett as Gray, William Devlin as Morgan, Howard Douglas as Williams, Harry Locke as Haggott, Sam Kydd as Cady, Stephen Jack as Job, Harold Jamieson as Scully, Diarmuid Kelly as Bolen, Reginald Drummond as Vane, Gordon Mulholland as Durgin, Patrick Troughton as Roach, Jim O'Brady as Wolfe, Chris Adcock as Pike, Tom Lucas as Upson, Leo Phillips as Spotts, Eddie Moran as Bart, Bob Head as Tardy, Ken Buckle as Joyce, Paddy Brannigan as Hunter, Jack Arrow as Norton, Freddy Clark as Bray
Plot : Young Jim Hawkins is held also the pirate Long John Silver searching for the buried care for of the buccaneer Captain Flint…
Run Time : 96 min
Country : UK | USA
Company : Walt Disney Productions

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

Director : Norman Foster
Release Date : 1938
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan, Victor Sen Yung as Jimmy Chan, Cesar Romero as Fred Rhadini, Douglas Fowley as Peter Lewis, Pauline Moore as Eve Cairo, Donald MacBride as Deputy Police Chief J.J. Kilvaine, Wally Vernon as Elmer Kelner, Douglass Dumbrille as Stewart Salsbury, alias Thomas Gregory, Sally Blane as Stella Essex, Charles Halton as Uncle Redley, Billie Seward as Mrs. Bessie Sibley, June Gale as Myra Rhadini, Trevor Bardette as Abdul, the Turkish servant, Louis Jean Heydt as Paul Essex Jack Chefe as Audience Member, Heinie Conklin as First Taxicab Driver, Sayre Dearing as Audience Member, John Elliott as Doctor, backstage, Bud Geary as Cop at Station House, Harold Goodwin as Airplane Steward, Edith Hallor as Toots, Stout Woman, Fred Kelsey as Detective – in cab and at theatre, Al Kikume as Waiter at Hawaiian Village, Kay Linaker as Egyptian Princess Ectoplasm, Hank Mann as Second Taxicab Driver, Margaret Mann as Airplane Passenger, Frank Meredith as Second Detective, Harold Miller as Audience Member, Bruce Mitchell as Police Desk Sergeant, Gerald Mohr as Dr. Zodiac, Bert Moorhouse as Audience Member, David Newell as Audience Member, Imboden Parrish as Plane Passenger, Tom Quinn as Man at Landing Gate, Arthur Rankin as Airways Official, Gloria Roy as Plane Passenger, Harry Strang as Taxicab Dispatcher, Charles Tannen as Plane Passenger
Plot : Charlie's probe of a bogus psychic for the duration of the 1939 World Exposition on San Francisco's Treasure Island leads him to disclose a suicide because murder.
Run Time : 72 min
Country : USA
Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Secret of Treasure Island (1938)

Director : Elmer Clifton
Release Date : 1938
Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast : Don Terry as Larry Kent, Gwen Gaze as Toni Morrell, Walter Miller as Carter 'The Shark' Collins, Grant Withers as Roderick Gridley, George Rosener as Capt. Samuel Cuttle, Hobart Bosworth as Dr. X, Sandra Karina as Nurse Zanya, P.J. Kelly as Prof. Gault (as Patrick J. Kelly), Yakima Canutt as Dreer (Mole-Men Leader), William Farnum as George Brennan Westmore (editor), Joe Caits as Saltwater Jerry [Chs.1,4-7,13-15], Colin Campbell as Hawkins (the Butler) [Chs. 1-3], Dave O'Brien as Det. Jameson [Chs. 4-7], William Royle as Paul Thorndyke [Ch.1], Warner Richmond as Capt. Tom Stanton, alias Capt. Tom Faxton [Ch.1] Ted Adams as Moore – Mainland Thug [Chs. 3, 13, 14], Harry Burns as Pirate [Ch. 1], Louis Caits as Henchman, Ed Cassidy as Passenger Ship Captain #2 [Ch. 12], Willy Castello as Pirate [Ch. 1], Eddie Foster as Guard [Chs. 6-7,8,10,11,14], Jerry Frank as Leader of Mole Men Rebels [Chs. 2, 4], Robert Frazer as Passenger Ship Captain #1 [Chs. 1-12], Joseph W. Girard as Newspaper Editor at Meeting [Ch.1], Herman Hack as Guard [Chs. 5-7], Frank Hagney as Ambulance Driver [Chs. 12-13], Harry Harvey as Cortez Thug Who Kidnaps Toni [Chs. 10-11], Reed Howes as Cortez Thug Leader with Pencil Mustache [Chs. 10-11], Frank Lackteen as Pedro – Bartender [Chs. 10, 11, 14], Carl Mathews as Fishing Boat Captain [Ch. 11], Milburn Morante as Bearded Pirate [Ch. 1], Jack Perrin as Ambulance Attendant [Chs. 12,13], Josef Swickard as Passenger Ship Doctor, Robert Walker as Dying Mole Man [Ch. 1], Blackie Whiteford as Andy – Mainland Thug [Chs. 1, 3, 12-14], Roger Williams as Guard [Chs. 6-7,8,10,11,14], Clara Kimball Young as Maid at Cortez Hotel [Ch.10]
Plot : In the Prologue, pirates hide a cherish on an island off the Mexican coast. And the pirates, the map…
Run Time : USA:300 min
Country : USA
Company : Weiss Productions

Treasure Island (1934)

Director : Victor Fleming
Release Date : 1934
Genre : Adventure
Cast : Wallace Beery as Long John Silver, Jackie Cooper as Jim Hawkins, Lionel Barrymore as Billy Bones, Otto Kruger as Doctor Livesey, Lewis Stone as Captain Smollett, Nigel Bruce as Squire Trelawney, Charles 'Chic' Sale as Ben Gunn, William V. Mong as Pew, Charles McNaughton as Black Dog, Dorothy Peterson as Mrs. Hawkins, Douglass Dumbrille as Pirate of the Spanish Main (as Douglas Dumbrille), Edmund Breese as Pirate of the Spanish Main, Olin Howland as Pirate of the Spanish Main, Charles Irwin as Pirate of the Spanish Main, Edward Pawley as Pirate of the Spanish Main, Richard Powell as Pirate of the Spanish Main, James Burke as Pirate of the Spanish Main, John Anderson as Pirate of the Spanish Main, Charles Bennett as Pirate of the Spanish Main Robert Adair as Tom – Seaman, Robert Anderson as Pirate, Bernice Beatty as Woman at Inn, Wilson Benge as Friend at Inn, Bruce Bennett as Man at Tavern, Red Berger as Pirate, Robert Bolder as Mild Man at Inn, Ed Brady as Pirate, Wes Clark as Allan, Cora Sue Collins as Young Girl at the Inn, Harry Cording as Henry – Pirate, Sidney D'Albrook as Joyce, Jill Dennett as Streetwalker, Kay Deslys as Streetwalker, Billy Dooley as Pirate, Vernon Downing as Boy at Inn, Frank Dunn as Hunter, Harold Entwistle as Ship's Chandler, Matt Gilman as Pirate, Frank Hagney as Pirate, Jack Hill as Pirate, John Kerr as Pirate, J.M. Kerrigan as Tom Morgan – Pirate, Edith Kingdon as Wife at Inn, A.B. Lane as Pirate, Tom Mahoney as Redruth, Jim Mason as Pirate, King Mojave as Pirate, John Northpole as Pirate, Ethel Ransome as Streetwalker, Yorke Sherwood as Mr. Arrow, Shirley Simpson as Woman Friend at Inn, Robert R. Stephenson as Pirate, Jane Talent as Streetwalker, Hal Wilson as Oldster, Tom Wilson as Pirate
Plot : Young Jim Hawkins is frayed between his loyalty to his benefactors plus his fondness since appealing son of a bitch Long John Silver inside their war to get better a buried pirate treasure.
Run Time : USA:103 min (Turner library print) | USA:110 min
Country : USA
Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Treasure Island (1920)

Director : Maurice Tourneur
Release Date : 1920
Genre : Adventure
Cast : Shirley Mason as Jim Hawkins, Josie Melville as Mrs. Hawkins, Al W. Filson as Bill Bones, Wilton Taylor as Black Dog, Lon Chaney as Blind Pew / Merry, Charles Ogle as Long John Silver, Joseph Singleton as Israel Hands, Bull Montana as Morgan, Harry Holden as Capt. Smollett, Sydney Deane as Squire Trelawney, Charles Hill Mailes as Dr. Livesey
Plot : Young Jim Hawkins is fixed and the pirate Long John Silver in the hunt for the buried appreciate of the buccaneer Captain Flint…
Run Time : 76 min (18 fps)
Country : USA
Company : Maurice Tourneur Productions

Treasure Island (1918)

Director : Not found
Release Date : 1918
Genre : Adventure
Cast : Francis Carpenter as Jim Hawkins, Virginia Lee Corbin as Louise Trelawney (as Virginia Corbin), Violet Radcliffe as Long John Silver, Lloyd Perl as Black Dog, Lewis Sargent as Ben Gunn (as Lew Sargent), Buddy Messinger as Captain Smolett, Gertrude Messinger Charles Gorman as Prologue Player, Edwin Harley as Prologue Player (as Ed Harley), Elmo Lincoln as Prologue Player, Herschel Mayall as Prologue Player, Eleanor Washington as Prologue Player, Joe Grant as Undetermined child role, Raymond Lee as Bit Role
Plot : Young Jim Hawkins is held in addition to the pirate Long John Silver looking for the buried have in mind of the buccaneer Captain Flint…
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA
Company : Fox Film Corporation

Treasure Island (1912)

Director : J. Searle Dawley
Release Date : 1912
Genre : Short, Adventure
Cast : Addison Rothermel as Jimmy Hawkins, Ben F. Wilson as Long John Silver (as Benjamin Wilson), Charles Ogle, Mary Fuller, Laura Sawyer, Richard Neill as Ben Gunn, James Gordon, Charles Sutton, William R. Randall
Plot : Young Jim Hawkins is trapped and the pirate Long John Silver hunting for the buried value of the buccaneer Captain Flint…
Run Time :
Country : USA
Company : Edison Company

Horror on Snape Island (1972)

Director : Jim O'Connolly
Release Date : 1972
Genre : Horror
Cast : Bryant Haliday as Evan Brent, Jill Haworth as Rose Mason, Anna Palk as Nora Winthrop, William Lucas as Superintendent Hawk, Anthony Valentine as Dr. Simpson, Jack Watson as Hamp Gurney, Mark Edwards as Adam Masters, Derek Fowlds as Dan Winthrop, John Hamill as Gary, Gary Hamilton as Brom, Candace Glendenning as Penelope 'Penny' Read, Dennis Price as Laurence Bakewell, George Coulouris as John Gurney, Robin Askwith as Des, Seretta Wilson as Mae Harvey, Fredric Abbott as Saul Gurney, Mark McBride as Michael Gurney, Marianne Stone as Nurse
Plot : Some seasoned as anyways as adapt archeologists are looking for the motive that an aged as anyways as mystic Phoenician treasure…
Run Time : 89 min
Country : UK | USA
Company : Grenadier Films

Cirque du Soleil: The Mystery of Mystere (2013)

Manager : Not Found
Cirque du Soleil offers The Mystery of Mystère, a enthralling documentary that explores how arts in addition to science merge jointly by plan of Mystère, the tyrannically respected Las Vegas enter at Treasure Island, for the door as this message.
Theater Release Date : 2014
Style : Action
Corporation : Colored Films Inc.
Length of Movie : 66 min

Long John Silver (1954)

Director : Byron Haskin
Release Date : 1954
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Cast : Robert Newton as Long John Silver, Connie Gilchrist as Purity Pinker, Lloyd Berrell as Capt. Mendoza, 'El Toro', Grant Taylor as Patch, Rod Taylor as Israel Hands (as Rodney Taylor), Harvey Adams as Sir Henry Strong, Muriel Steinbeck as Lady Strong, Henry Gilbert as Billy Bowlegs, John Brunskill as Old Stringley, Eric Reiman as Lanky pirate, Harry Hambleton as Big Eric, Syd Chambers as Ned Shill, George Simpson-Lyttle as Capt. Asa MacDougall (as George Simpson-Little), Tony Arpino as Mendoza pirate, Al Thomas as Mendoza pirate, Vladislaus Leonidis, Thora Smith as Elizabeth Strong, Billy Kay as Ironhand, Hans Stern as Reverend Monaster, Owen Weingott, Don McNiven as Sgt. Cover, Elwin Daniel as Dodd Perch (dying pirate), Charles McCallum as Old naval officer, John Pooley as Young naval officer, Frants Folmer as Sentry, Fred Goddard, Kevin Healy, Jeffrey Bradley, Nicki Martino as Barmaid, Kenneth J. Warren (as Kenneth Warren), John Llewellyn, James Workman, Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins Valerie Windus as Girl with Billy Bowlegs
Plot : In this sequel to Treasure Island, Long John hopes to rescue his buddy Jim take fun in a opponent pirate also go again as further treasure.
Run Time : 106 min
Country : Australia
Company : Treasure Island Pictures Pty. Ltd.

Il cacciatore di squali (1979)

Director : Enzo G. Castellari
Release Date : 1979
Genre : Adventure
Cast : Franco Nero as Mike di Donato, Werner Pochath as Ramon (as Werner Pochat), Jorge Luke as Acapulco, Michael Forest as Donovan (as Mike Forrest), Patricia Rivera as Juanita, Mirta Miller as Rosy, Eduardo Fajardo as Il capitano Gómez, Enzo G. Castellari as Il killer (as E. Girolami), Rocco Lerro as Il picchiatore Nick Alexander as Il killer (voice: English version), Edward Mannix as Il capitano Gómez (voice: English version), Susan Spafford as Rosy (voice: English version), Pat Starke as Juanita (voice: English version), Frank von Kuegelgen as Ramon (voice: English version)
Plot : A crusty recluse on a Caribbean island who is fanatical to destroying sharks gets required inside a groundwork for the purpose that buried treasure.
Run Time : Italy:97 min | USA:92 min | West Germany:82 min
Country : Mexico | Spain | Italy
Company : Tei Film International

Beyond Atlantis (1973)

Director : Eddie Romero
Release Date : 1973
Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Cast : Patrick Wayne as Vic Mathias, John Ashley as Logan, Leigh Christian as Syrene, Sid Haig as East Eddie, Lenore Stevens as Dr. Katherine Vernon, George Nader as Nereus, Vic Diaz as Manuel the Barracuda, Eddie Garcia as The Mate, Andres Centenera (as Andy Centenera), Kenneth J. Warren, Gil Arceo, Kim Ramos, Angelo Ventura
Plot : A band of adventurers invade a native island resolute to clutch a reported destiny inside buried treasure. The islanders are competently because resolute to stock their revered treasure. Complications ensue.
Run Time : 91 min
Country : USA | Philippines
Company : Dimension Pictures

The Fat Spy (1966)

Director : Joseph Cates
Release Date : 1966
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Phyllis Diller as Camille Salamander, Jack E. Leonard as Irving / Herman Gonjular (Twins), Brian Donlevy as George Wellington, Johnny Tillotson as Dodo Bronk, Jayne Mansfield as Junior Wellington, Lauree Berger as Nanette, Jordan Christopher as Frankie, The Wild Ones as Themselves (Band), Lou Nelson as Punjab, The Sikh, Toni Lee Shelly as Naiomi the Mermaid, Penny Roman as Herself, Adam Keefe as Special Voice (voice) Chuck Alden as Treasure Hunter, Jill Bleidner as Treasure Hunter, Tommy Graves as Treasure Hunter, Linda Harrison as Treasure Hunter, Jeanette Taylor as Treasure Hunter, Tommy Trick as Treasure Hunter, Toni Turner as Treasure Hunter, Tracy Vance as Treasure Hunter, Deborah White as Treasure Hunter, Eddie Wright as Treasure Hunter
Plot : Off the beach of Florida, a nearly-deserted island is rumored to taste the fountain of youth. A boatload…
Run Time : USA:80 min
Country : USA
Company : Phillip Productions

The Emperor Jones (1933)

Director : Dudley Murphy
Release Date : 1933
Genre : Drama
Cast : Paul Robeson as Brutus Jones, Dudley Digges as Smithers, Frank H. Wilson as Jeff (as Frank Wilson), Fredi Washington as Undine, Ruby Elzy as Dolly, George Haymid Stamper as Lem (as George Stamper) Brandon Evans as Carrington, Taylor Gordon as Stick-man, Billie Holiday as Extra in Nightclub Scene, Rex Ingram as Court Crier, Moms Mabley as Marcella, Harold Nicholas as Young Tap Dancer, Blueboy O'Connor as Treasurer, Fritz Pollard as Extra in Nightclub Scene, Lorenzo Tucker as Extra in Nightclub Scene
Plot : Unscrupulously ambitious Brutus Jones escapes take cool in prison beyond killing a security as at any rate as done bluff as at any rate as bravado finds himself the emperor of a Caribbean island.
Run Time : 72 min | 76 min (2003 restored version) | USA:80 min (original version)
Country : USA
Company : John Krimsky and Gifford Cochran Inc.